Monday, October 6, 2008

And The Awards Go To......

I've been out of town quite often recently, and I'm waaaaay behind on my blogging. I'm trying to play catch up, and the first order of business is that I been given the E award 3 times.

I would like to give a great big thank you to the following ladies:

Rachel of Culinary Kicks - She makes a variety of different dishes and things that I enjoy & want to make myself.

Melissa of Delicious Meliscious - Besides having the most wonderful name in the world....her cakes are AMAZING, and I would never try and make one in a million years, so I'll just enjoy the pictures :)

& Maci of My Yummy Goodness - She's new to food blogging & is a fellow Tennessean like myself. She's a great baker that makes a variety of things, and hopefully I can learn many things from and become better myself.

With the "E" awards, the following is the "official" rule, but sometimes rules are made to be broken...yeah I'm a rebel, so I'm just picking five ;)

** Please find at least 10 more blogs, of any kind that you love to read. Write a post about the blogs you picked, linking back to me and to them. Once you’ve posted, return here to let me know your post done and be sure to let them know too!!! (If you don't come up with 10, that's fine too!)
I'm bestowing the E is For Excellent honors to:

Kelsey of Apple A Day - She has a lot of healthy recipes that I should be eating more of, and I need to start cooking more healhty things again.

Mollie of reading,riting and recipes - I recently made her version of the famous Yogurt Chicken, and loved it, and she has an adorable dog.

Stephanie of Fun Foods On A Budget - Unfortunately I don't have an unlimited budget for two of my favorite things - cooking and shoes. Stephanie's blog is about finding ways to cook great meals on a budget and she has fun info on important other food related things...namely that October is National Pizza Month!

Lisa of Lime In the Coconut - I just love the name of her blog, and it's not just about recipes, she also has restaurant reviews. And we have two things in common - we both love cats and drinking wine :)

Colleen of Cooking This And That - She has great pictures and some seasonal Fall recipes that I'm ready to try...just as soon as the weather starts catching up with what's on the calendar....87 degrees doesn't exactly scream Fall.


Colleen said...

Thank you for the award - I just posted about it!

Lisa said...

Thanks!! It's always nice to get some props from fellow bloggers.

Melissa said...

Thanks Melissa! Your comments are too nice!