Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Suck It Up

Keep the kids away from this jello!!!

The Ultimate Tailgate Party jello shots are semi-famous (or infamous?) Someone usually over indulges in these, as well as all the other libations, and we lose a couple of tailgaters before the game, but not this year. People must have learned better, or maybe I am losing my touch. Either way, I love to try new combinations of flavors every year for this occasion.

Ultimate Jello Shots

Note - I bought the Jello in Canada, not sure if the same flavors can be found in the US, and the pina colada was a limited flavor that I stocked up on

3 oz pina colada Jello
3 oz strawberry-banana Jello
3 oz orange-pineapple Jello
3 cups hot water, divided
1 cup Banana flavored Malibu
1 cup Coconut flavored Malibu
1 cup Mandarin Orange Absolut vodka

Boil 3 cups of water. In three large separate bowls, add the 3 packages of Jello by adding one cup of boiling water to each and stir to dissolve.

Let cook slightly before adding the alcohol. Add 1 cup of Banana Malibu to the strawberry-banana Jello bowl; add 1 cup of Coconut Malibu to the pina colada bowl; and add 1 cup Mandarin Orange vodka to the orange-pineapple bowl, and stir.

I filled 2oz plastic cups about halfway (or a little more) full. Unfortunately I can't remember how many each batch made, but it'll all depend on how big your cups are and how much you fill them.

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